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Copper Cathode

Copper cathode is a pure form of copper that is used in the manufacturing of various copper products. It is a high-quality copper product that is produced by refining raw copper ore through a process called electrolysis. Copper cathode is also known as electrolytic copper, and it is a semi-finished product that is used to produce copper wire, tubes, and other products.

Copper Cathode 12 Month CIF Contract

COPPER CATHODE (Non-LME Registered Grade A)

Purity 99.99 Cu

Country of origin D.R. Congo

Gold Dore

Gold doré refers toa bar composed of a mixture of precious metals, though these bars generally contain gold and silver. A doré bar is usually produced as part of the mining and refining process, but can also be created from scrap gold.

Gold Dore 12 Month CIF Contract

12 Month Contract - MOQ 100kg AU GOLD BARS.

HS71081200 IN AU Bars Gold Dore Bar 1 Kg or 12.5 Kg

Fineness (Purity) 96,0to 99.9 % + (24 Carats)

Origin East Africa

Ghana Gold Dore 50 kg FOB

50kg @ $46 000/kg, purity 96%. Price includes local costs only, no export costs. New lots available weekly.